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Jewish Religious Journey

My journey through religion, with emphasis on Judaism.

By His Side (Untitled Poem)

By His Side (Untitled Poem)   Free the road takes me I can be wherever I want wanting little needing less depending on myself and God pretending things are easy Heavens its not Why am I...

Left Me, Lift Me

Left Me, Lift me   Lonely lad, kid barely alive just trying to survive food from the fridge uplift a gift for my mom's death good-bye mom, bye this turkey is good,...

Love the Eternal Your God (untitled poem)

Love the Eternal Your God (untitled poem)   Built in the image of Him are we With hands that create and eyes that see The capability to like or hate That...

Baruch Hashem (untitled poem)

Baruch Hashem (untitled poem)   If I were to lose everything tomorrow Perhaps victim of hatred and evil and my distance from You. Up I would drag myself...

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