I can’t remember the timeline.

I think I got the Tattoo right before I went into Jail, but I could be mixing things up.

I do remember that all 3 of us that were in the car together wanted to get the tattoos together.  A sort of commemoration to surviving the accident.

I had decided that I wanted to try and be equally as great as I was bad/failure and the vision that formed was joining the military.  I had already failed in getting into the Marines and the Army.  But maybe I could get into the Air Force.

So when I was deciding what to get tattooed onto my arm, I decided to build something inspired by the core values of an US Airman:

  1. Integrity First
  2. Service Before Self
  3. Excellence in All We Do

My adaption of that I scribbled onto a paper plate and kept (Integrity, Sacrifice and Excellence tattooed in Khanji characters on my left arm):

I just now dug this up and noted a very interesting little blurb I had put in the “Excellence” section: “Pursue Always to be Like G-d.”

Wow, what did I mean when I wrote that?  What does that mean to me now?

More thoughts to follow.

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