Left Me, Lift Me

Left Me, Lift me


Lonely lad, kid barely alive

just trying to survive

food from the fridge


a gift for my mom’s death

good-bye mom, bye

this turkey is good, huh dad?

want to fist-fight dad?

mad dad?

take care of us

you’re bad at that

unlike ma’

no-one saw her death coming

so I wasn’t ready for yours pa!

that’s how it ends?

angry, left to fend for myself

nowhere to turn for help

winter in Oregon, sleeping the streets

weeping and chattering of teeth

that’s my only relief

to this constant tearing sickening grief

I meant for those days to be gone

but here I am again, self-induced strife

I can’t seem to accept stability in my life

I hate you mom and dad, you left me

I love you mom and dad, you lift me

…Took me in, he did, a great man

Left Me, Lift Me

my grandfather

old war vet

olive spotted wrinkled hands

showed me generosity

velocity of good deeds

the atrocity of violating the Torah

Amazing angel, working overtime at 92

he taught me what its like to be

…of the chosen few

he taught me what its like to be

…a contributing jew

I want to be a hero too!

he inspired me to suffer in silence

I’ve desired nothing, but to have

grand-father’s good sense

Grand man, grand role model

man, so easy to understand

Moms, pops…

Yeah it’s too good to be true

cuz’ old man died on me

just like you two.

I hate you; mom, dad, grandpa

…you guys left me

I love you; mom, dad, grandpa

cuz’ from heaven, you still lift me

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