Love the Eternal Your God (untitled poem)

Love the Eternal Your God (untitled poem)


Built in the image of Him

are we

With hands that create

and eyes that see

The capability to like or hate

That is His will,

our free will

He is compassionate and mighty

gifting us a spirit lifting, that flies with joy

but slightly dies with wrong;

although our lips can spit spite

they can also rise to the heavens singing song

OH, his wrath rips our universe asunder

Love the Eternal Your God (untitled poem)

blunder-filled sinful paths we walk

He don’t though, He’s so good;

tolerating our flaws

For His love, so good –

won’t you just follow His laws?

Pray every day for all that is right

always keeping His righteous path in sight

He’ll lend you strength for any plight

And despite lack of deserving

something so grand

When light fades, final breath and night

He will carry you to the promised land.

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